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Updated: 2013-01-18

The Mongrel Designs Webcomic is made by a dude named Ruben. He's a graphic designer and illustrator who runs a small design company called Mongrel Designs. The reason the webcomic shares a name with his business are: He didn't want to purchase a new domain name, and he likes the name.

If you're looking for the graphic design side of it, stop reading the comics, because you will only end up hating him. Just go here: Mongrel Designs.

Ruben is a liberal atheist and probably is personally responsible in some fashion for whatever is wrong in your life. When he isn't hugging trees or using the heck out of his wife's birth control, he mourns the best cat he ever knew and runs pencil and paper RPGs with his friends. He is currently running an early 13th century GURPS game set in England with supernatural undertones.

I should mention that the comic has some political content, foul language and jerky stuff. Ruben isn't actually a douchebag in real life, and you can trust this sentence because it is written from the point of view of a third person narrator.

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Some Adult Material (R)
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