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After meeting with the island’s younger residents, Maddie hits it off well, but finds that there are issues that cloud what is otherwise a peaceful little island; most notably a deep-rooted and emotional rivalry between Siobhan and Ebony. Seeing how this is causing Siobhan distress, Maddie decides that an Ice-breaker in the form of a Sleepover would be the best route, bringing the two of them together to try and help them appreciate one another.

When the big night comes, things start promising, but another problem lands itself upon Maddie’s door when she finds that Andy has no parents and lives alone on the island, his history appearing to be well-known and somewhat uncomfortable among the island’s other residents. Where are Andy’s parents? Why does he live alone? Will Maddie’s plan at mending bridges between Siobhan and Ebony work?

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Some Adult Material (R)
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