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Updated: 2020-10-19

In the year 3060, the earth is populated by those who are humans and thoe who are called "deviations", people mutated to possess abilities normal humans can't! The only symbols of order?, A one world government and a mysterious entity named The Chaos Corp! When "Tiff", a top researcher at Chaos Corp discovers "THE CHAIN OF SOULS"(A MAGICAL CHAIN ATTACHED TO EVERY NORMAL HUMAN ON THE PLANET'S SOULS)and uncovers a heinous plot to kill EVERY NORMAL HUMAN on earth, she steals the chain and goes on a personal quest to find a way to destroy its evil magic!! Using her skills, she enlists the protection services of the most lethal and powerful killer on the planet, a ancient warrior named "M" who has a body that constantly evolves so that he can't be harmed or die, and they both embark on a impossible quest to defend the Chain of Souls until it's destroyed!! With The government and Chaos Corp sending a unlimited supply of deviations against them, evil cults and mythical creatures on their trail, and every person who craves magical power searching for the Chain of Souls, will "Tiff" and "M" be able to battle the world and still keep Billions of innocent souls alive?!!!
This comic contains Extreme Violence, Profanity, Nudity(no graphic sex) and sexual situations! From MC Davis Comics, enjoy and stay safe out here!!

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Some Adult Material (R)
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