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Updated: 2023-12-27

In the year 200XX. Teh Netz is a place filled with happiness and prosperity. A New Age, as envisioned by Lord Dylan, savior of The Netz, aiming to bring total peace is at hand. The perfect Utopia, united by one single flag … With his company 4N0N Corps, Lord Dylan has begun his expansion plan, destroying anyone who’s against it. However, as expected, there are some who are not keen to the idea of a peaceful world, and fight everyday against Lord Dylan’s forces.

Enter LOLMAN, a rebel against Lord Dylan’s ideals, whose action’s only apparent purpose are just for the lulz of it … Or are they? Memes, random characteres, epic villains and lots of mysteries await you in the never ending world of Teh Netz. Follow LOLMAN and ROFLMAN’s adventures in this amazing webcomic specially made for the internet freak within you