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Updated: 2022-12-01

Three struggling writers, Jack (a bad novelist), Michael (an unpopular cartoonist) and Charlotte (a neurotic film critic), live together on the same floor of a tower block and do what a writer does best: procrastinate, obsess, play games and try (unsuccessfully) to find a date for the weekend.

Distracting them further are the other residents of their floor: Shivani, Charlotte's self-assured friend who constantly cajols her into being more confident; Bob, a computer geek who hasn't moved from his chair since he moved in; Amy, the flatmate from hell who is every bitchy queen bee from every high school movie combined into a single entity; and Kingyo, a little purple cat that steals sanwiches.

How do you beat writer's block? What do you do when the guy you're dating is too perfect? How do you cope with criticism? Which religion is the best? How many times should you let your flatmate insult you before you shave her bald while she sleeps? Life on the Fourth Floor offers answers to none of these questions... and many more!