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The J-Man Web Series:
After a freak accident at a Empire Labs, NYC youth Jonny Regionson Jr. is infected with a health dose of Element 120, Jaintium. Strangely, it has granted him superhuman abilities. Taking up the (not-so-good) name of "The J", Jonny plans to take down the mysterious "Big-Man of crime" and help his police captain father. But this kind of life won't be easy, as this will pit him against supervillians, the police, and his own warping mind.

The Valve Web Series:
Val Mobela was never one to look for danger. She likes to explore once in a while, but she's afraid of risk. That will have to change as Val has been granted an extraordinary new power from the "Valve of Order and Chaos". But this ancient artifact has also released a great evil on Seattle, and it's up to timid Val to face her fears and fight the darkness.

Tales From the Other Side:
Tales from the Other Side is an anthology series where each issue will be it's own self contained story. It can be anything from alternate versions of J-Man and Valve, to reinterpretations of fairy tales and old stories, to completely original stories. There will also be occasional short stories.