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Updated: 2020-02-07

Aboard a meteorite housed a strange in element. Landing in New York, Empire Labs picked it up and dubbed it Jainitum. The chief scientist invited his son Abe Anderson and his friend Jon Regionson Jr. to see the world unveiling of Jaintium, but Jon Jr. stumbled on a plot to steal the meteor. He was caught before he could escape. Things went black before he awaken with Jaintium somehow coursing through his veins, enhancing his speed and strength.

Originally using these powers to figure out what happened to him, it lead him down a rabbit hole of a criminal conspiracy. A Big-Man of Crime operating under the nose of his police captain father. His goal now is to aid his distant father from the shadows to uncover this underground organization. Along to help him is his friend Abe and a Jaintium-powered cyborg named Sleepy Bear.