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Updated: 2020-04-05

In the future people are becoming increasingly isolatory due to things only getting worse in the outside world. However, deep within the bowls of the southern city of St. Ionah, something yet more bizarre is lurking its way into the comforts of the citizens homes. Little fairy-like creatures known as "Idlings", who's behaviour reflects all that mankind fears in these troubled times, as a war is being waged between the different Idling spawns for ultimate power over the underworld and the human world alike. Get ready for an insane, unrelenting orgy of ultraviolent sex, death and destruction on a small, but noticable scale, as the stakes rises and the secret between humanity and the Idling race is uncovered. Time to call the best of the best of bug exterminators in town, cause idfestation is about to break out--in your home!

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Adults Only (NC-17)
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