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Updated: 2018-09-06

I published the first issue of the zine “I Cut My Hair” in the summer of 2008. It began as a collection of journal comics, covering such topics as: bad jokes, working in education, anxiety over working in education, creativity, city exploration, the presidential election, traveling to Beijing, relationships, and the author’s poor time management skills.

After I finished the third issue of I Cut My Hair I started thinking that I wanted to move away from autobio. Part of this was a hang up about not wanting to be seen as “just” an autobio cartoonist, which is silly because I read and love lots of autobiographical work. But it was also a desire to take on something new: I want to do more fiction, and I want to get better at it. So I decided that “I Cut My Hair” would become an ongoing collection of stories, not all of which would be about me and my life. Putting it online seemed like a good idea not just so that more people could access my comics more easily, but also so that I would have a regular weekly update schedule to hold myself to. I’m looking forward to the improvement that inevitably comes from such regular practice. I also wanted to have a place to point people to where they could see my most up-to-date work.

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