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Updated: 2019-03-29

In 1965, a Stigmata began developing in newborn children all around the globe. In the year 1999, schools began opening for gifted human beings that were lucky enough to be born with this Stigmata flowing through their veins. Humans with this Stigmata can discover the ability to become a Mage, a person that can use various types of “magic”. A Mage can then become a Summoner, a person that summons an otherworldly being known as “Persona” to fight alongside them. In 2025, a massive global war hit the planet. The Summoner’s Guild, a global organization consisting of multiple countries that maintain world peace, and an unnamed organization that were against the Summoner’s Guild rules fought for 2 long, bloody years. It ended in the Summoner’s Guild eventually dominating them and forcing them into submission. It is now 2045 and an evil group rises once again and beings recruiting members, willingly and by force, to take over the country of Japan and then... the world. Mages and Summoners alike must band together if they even want a chance to stop the “Masked Man”, the mastermind behind the upcoming global assault.

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Some Adult Material (R)
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