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This book is a series of comic book. This book is a story start when a group of aliens come from hundred thousand light years to invade this world. The alien attack or destroy anyone who stands in their way. The news of invasion has been broadcast until all radio, internet, and television networks have shutdown. People are running from their homes because they are in fear of these invaders. They hide in caves and underground places. These buildings are collapsing because these monsters are destroying structures. Every nation in this world sends their armies to repel these aliens but they are being slaughter by the alien invaders. There are alien that has ferocious appetite of eating people. The technologies and capabilities to harm of the invaders are far more develop than many of the worlds that they have invaded. These women stumble by chance to a world that is being attack by the invaders and in their natural reflex is to fight these invaders. These invaders were also their enemies in the past. These three women belong to a group of ancient beings who seek out any hostile aliens who invade other worlds. These beings have well advance technology. They have the ability to manipulate different types of energy like air, fire, and other types of energy. Their weapon forged in strongest alloy of metals in the universe unknown to this world. These weapons are imbuing with different energy types to harm or damage this monster even to the point of slaying them. A general of a nation has seen what these invaders can do. He is open to anyone who could help them defeat these invaders.

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