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Updated: 2021-12-25

Fenic is a twenty-year-old trans woman living in Market Square, one of many youths who were abandoned there by their parents. Fenic is an unusual case, however: first of all, rather than being shoved out the door, she was shoved through a portal from another world -- one of many portals which were thought to be closed for 1700 years. Second of all, unlike the Wilders who populate these worlds, Fenic has no tail, and her ears are small and round and sit on the sides of her heads. Third of all, when her emotions run hot and she lets the pain in her heart go wild, she manifests a halo, granting her vast magical power beyond that of anyone around her.

After five years of living there, Fenic has found a happy life for herself, befriending everyone around her and finding happiness she never had in her homeworld of Skyport. But when a mysterious hooded figure steps out of the Market Square portal, Fenic is faced with answers to questions she's had for as long as she's lived -- and the new revelations threaten to tear her peaceful happiness asunder.

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