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Updated: 2019-10-15

Our strip, http://ForeverFamilyComic.com, is a humorous peek inside our real life adopted family as we deal with unexpected birth, race, bad hair, and poop. Lots of poop.

Our cast includes:
Christian, a stand-up comedian & proud papa. Melody, a working mother. CJ, the oldest (adopted) son [alter ego - Captain Lunchbox]. Mia, the middle (adopted) daughter [alter egos - Gypsy & Thermos Girl]. And rounding them out is Ollie, the accidental birth [alter ego - OMG].

The blog bounces between funny anecdotes about the kids, to headier issues, such as mixed race perceptions, Mia's one bum kidney, and the frustrations of parenting.

The site is updated 3 times a week.
Monday: New Blog
Wednesday: New Strip
Friday: My son CJ, the budding artist, puts up a comic or drawing.

We hope you come by the site. Thanks for taking the time check us out!

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