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Updated: 2015-04-06

Please be aware, the following is considered a mature manga and contains 'yaoi' or 'shounen ai', whichever word you prefer to use for 'One adult male likes another adult male'. There is NO explicit imagry in the series, but there is a little suggestion. Please read at your own discression.
SERIOUSLY; This manga is NOT FOR KIDS. Please, please, PLEASE don't read it if you happen to be underage, it says nothing less about you, but as the artist, I can get into trouble if you read the manga. Be nice; Don't read it!!!
Synopsis: Julian Skyy is a Roman Catholic Priest at 26, and deeply depressed. On the day he finally decides to carry out his plans, he is interuppted by discovering someone else who has beat him to this same punch: Julian quickly forgets and forgos his own plans to save a life. The situation opens Julian's eyes to reality, and to what he came so close to doing, and he vows to help the stranger--an Atheist named Hollow--to overcome his own depression.
Despite Hollow's views, the two form a fast friendship; And converting Hollow quickly falls off of Julian's mind. . .