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Updated: 2020-10-29

Deep within the most turbulent tides of space and time lies the inescapable oceans of Merubad. The ones who end up among the merciless waves, barnacle-eaten wrecks and sinking ruins and landmasses of Merubad are forced into a life of endless strife, conflict and the terror of pirates. However, myths and tales are spoken of a mysterious, yet unfound land known only as "No Land Shore". Legend has it that whoever finds and set foot on this "No land shore" shall have their wish, any ONE wish they so desire, to become reality. But only by assembling the lost pieces of "Endtide", an ancient compass created by a forgotten civilization, may this place ever be found. Three lost souls have found themselves in Merubad and they are to become involved in the quest for "No Land Shore", as three pirate factions compete with one another to become the first to reawaken Endtide, and have the wish of their heart's deepest desire come true. Let the quest for "No Land Shore" begin!

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Some Adult Material (R)
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