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Updated: 2024-04-20

Dumbing of Age is a webcomic about college freshmen in a co-ed dorm at Indiana University, starring a Christian homeschooled girl and her atheist best friend.

If you’re a reader of other works by David Willis, you’ll like this webcomic as well! It stars some familiar faces in new situations.

If you’re not familiar with his other webcomics, that’s even better! Why? Dumbing of Age is its own continuity, with no story ties to any previous works. All 14 years of old material? Useless to you here! It’s a clean slate! A completely new story that merely borrows some familiar characters. Everything you need to know is within the (slowly increasing) handful of strips on the website. In fact, it’s probably easier on you if you don’t know the older stuff. (Just ignore the comments below each strip. They might think they know what’s going on, having read the old stuff, but they really don’t! A little knowledge can be a bad thing, after all.)

Dumbing of Age updates Monday through Friday.

Content rating:
Some Adult Material (R)
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