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Updated: 2020-02-25

A dozen futurists investigate a plague of nighttime kidnappings and become ensnared in a cosmic adventure beyond mortal imagination!

NOTE: To receive Dream Matrix weekly by e-mail, just send a request to: dreammatrixcomic@gmail.com

Please feel free to share links to my free comic with your friends and family. The comic is and always will be free and is available here on my Dream Matrix Facebook Page ( https://www.facebook.com/dreammatrixcomic/) and by e-mail.

Later this year I will be making some t-shirts and posters and other fun stuff that you can purchase if you wish, but it is in no way required. I’m grateful just to have people read and enjoy my stories.

The art is done using 100% royalty-free programs, files and photos. Files, photos, etc. that are made by me (Jim Droom) will be listed as such in the postings.

DREAM MATRIX and all related characters, stories and content are Copyright 2020 by Jim Droom (my pen name). New pages uploaded weekly.

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