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Updated: 2024-04-24

DORK TOWER is the comic strip running three times a week at DorkTower.com and WIRED.com, and monthly in Game Trade Magazine. Once upon a time, it also ran in Dragon magazine, Scrye magazine, Star Wars Insider, and GAMES magazine. Dork Tower is also from time to time a comic book published by Dork Storm Press.

DORK TOWER is for anybody who’s ever been burned being an early adapter; who’s made more Twitter tweets than actual Twitter followers; who’s ever gone to a Star Trek convention; who’s ever played Dungeons and Dragons; who suspects Anime is more than just a passing ad; and who’s been fragged by a Gravity Hammer in Halo III – or anyone who KNOWS one of these people.

But it’s REALLY for people who know the significance of “42″; who have bookmarked more than one area of thinkgeek.com; who’ve memorized very lyric to Jonathan Coulton’s ouvre; who’ve cataloged which Classic Trek episodes involved the Prime Directive; and who know the names of six people and a cat that make regular appearances in Wil Wheaton’s blog. And, of course, it’s for people who know that HAN SHOT FIRST!

DORK TOWER the multi-award-winning story of Matt, Igor, Ken, Carson the Muskrat (yes, he’s a muskrat) and Gilly, the Perky Goth. They’re trapped in a world they never made… but are nevertheless striving to create a realistic yet playable simulation thereof!

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