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Updated: 2023-09-03

DELVE is a epic Fantasy RPG turned Comic, written, drawn and created by Del Borovic. The original concept and creation of the characters occured in late 1999. Originally meant to be an old-school pixel RPG, much work was done to that end. Multiple versions of the game were made, one with one half hour of playable content. Unfortunately as RPG-creation programs became more complicated, doing all the writing, art and coding became too much work for one person, and all of it was put aside. Through all that time the story and characters have continued to grow into a story of epic proportions. And then- a bolt of inspiration! Why not do the story as a comic instead, but still keeping all its RPG flare, and throwing away none of the previous work? Well.. why not, says me.

So here we are. At the gates of something ten years in the making. I hope you are willing to take the trip with me, and come to love the cast and world in the same way that I have. As there are still a lot of RPG elements in the story, don't be surprised if some audience interactions and participations come into play! You just may never know what I'm going to pull next~

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