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Updated: 2024-01-24

Against all odds, Ethan has managed to survive into his twenties without losing any limbs, or serving any serious jailtime. Much to the surprise of everyone, in fact, Ethan has even fumbled his way into some prosperity, having married his dream gamer-girl Lilah, and currently running his own video game store.
Lilah was the "girl next door" that moved into Ethan and Lucas' apartment building. Ethan was immediately smitten with her beauty, followed closely (if not eclipsed) by her interest in video games. A proficient gamer in her own right, she's discovered that she can channel any annoyance from Ethan's antics into a focused "gamer fuel" that heightens her performance at twitch-based gaming. It has, on more than one occasion, helped her place at tournaments.
Also a huge gaming fanatic, Lucas has far more level head on his shoulders than Ethan. Possessing some skill with code, Lucas dreamed of one day working in the video game industry, but never mustered the ambition to really pursue that goal. Lucas currently works with Ethan at GameHaven, while saving money to start college and finally work towards his dream job.

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