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Updated: 2024-04-11

They appear to be twins, but I suspect there are many groups of similar pairs wandering about, unaware of each other. Many readers immediately assume that Cochlea & Eustachia are human girls, which has yet to be confirmed. Their actions seem to be motivated less by curiosity than boredom and an inclination towards purposeless destruction. Any connate objective remains to be determined.

They never stray apart from each other, out of an unspoken proclivity. Perhaps they keep together because they resemble each other; a mixture of vanity and comfort the foundation of their constant companionship. They seem to consider any creature with dissimilar features as inept or untrustworthy.

I first became aware of them hiding in my walls when I was a youngster. I have no doubt these are the creatures responsible for the frequent disruptions of my belongings and occasionally missing tools. I suspect they also give hypnotic suggestions to my cats. I don't think they are particularly malicious, just meddlesome.

Public response to their pulchritudinous qualities has been strong. However, I think the Cochlea & Eustachia are somewhat oblivious to their own attire. Perhaps the draft doesn't bother them.
SInce their first appearance in the mini-comic CHROME FETUS #5 in 2001, Cochlea & Eustachia have been featured in innumerable magazines and anthologies. The list includes the following: THE STRANGER, PROPER GANDER, HOAX, TYPHON, BLURRED VISIONS and POOD.

This website is intended to placate the readers who are un-handicapped by literacy, taste or cognition. It is my promise that this webcomic will be completely unencumbered by tempo, character development, plot, or logic. There will be no solid substances that might wound your softened mandibles, so grab your straws and start sucking!

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