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Updated: 2021-01-26

Welcome to Caribbean Blue! This is a comic that I first started working on in 2004, and was my second major comic endeavor. I had drawn a few short stories before this, most notably a strip named “TinaOnLine” (which has since been rebooted under the name “Paprika”). It came about as a result of my desire to expand on TinaOnLine universe by using the same cast, but in a full page color comic format with a main story-line and a defined beginning and end. It took 10 years and 326 pages, but in near the end of 2014 it was finally complete. The comic has been published thanks to the support of our readers, and there was also a commemorative artbook released in 2015 showcasing a ton of artwork from both myself and other artists I’ve met over the years. These should become available for purchase though this site (if they aren’t already). I had been planning to repost this comic ever since its completion, using the higher resolution pages that had been edited for improved artwork and corrected mistakes. The renewal rollout of our hosting portal Katbox seemed like the perfect time to do this. Updates will happen every weekday, which should give us about a year and a half worth of comics. I have disabled comments in order to keep a cleaner page and avoid spoilers. If you like what you read here, consider having a look my other comic “Paprika”, which is a prequel to this story. Thanks for reading!