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Bedra dal Erbaden has (so far) been successful in ensuring his colony's survival despite a string of mismanaged disasters and now, finally, reinforcements are on the way. Yet Bedra's antagonizers, the Astaver-Dovars, have taken Porg territory and established air superiority—mostly through capturing Nexa City's gigantic aircraft hangar with the majority of Bedra's ships inside. Only a deluge of radiation emanating from a captured Xotron ship prevents the Astaver-Dovars from using the other ships in the hangar to their advantage. And that radiation is fading.

Transmissions Intercepted is the second volume of the Transmissions saga. This volume follows the Astavers & Dovars as they press their advantage against the Porgs on Fara Nexa. The story was conceived and written by Eric Carter, and the eye-catching art is the handiwork of Anthony Cournoyer.

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