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Updated: 2020-01-29

In modern era, Foreno Toshida, our protagonist lives his bitter life with a cruel past and distress. His parents were killed in an airplane accident long ago when he was little and weak. He pledges revenge for his aggressor and will not rest until finding redemption.

In his lonely trap mouse house, he searched the web for some distraction to relieve his pain. By destiny, he found a cute girl named Smoly, who was bored with life, wanted to date someone and hang out a little.

By the pass of time, this two found some chemistry/connection with one another and things started to change. When they are together, they have the power to manipulate time and space, changing destiny over gods will and do whatever they want with the outcome of mankind.

BUT, nothing is perfect. There's a dark cult of "robots" from the future, named Legion of darkness that maintain balance in the entire universe. This "robots", ( Darkpips) teleport from the future to the past to control and solve this time manipulation anomaly issues.

This darkpips(DP) are overpowered, almost indestructible and deadly, when you see one, RUN. Foreno is kinda old and he has dueled tons of DP in the past, he is fed up by this situation and want effective solutions to freed this world from this menace.

A DP accidentally tells Smoly about the Bruzela Project. Smoly gets curious because she knows that's her race origins, the Bruzelas. What will happen next?

Will Foreno find the offender who killed his mom and dad? Will Smoly find her origins? Will DP rule the world we know? Well, there's only one way to know.


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