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Updated: 2024-06-11

What's Bloomin' Faeries!?

It's a wicked weekly webcomic featuring the mischievous and naughty pranks & curses of faeries upon unsuspecting (but always deserving) humans. It's a bit sexy, a bit funny, and (we hope) very entertaining. It explores some sexual fantasies, though not in an explicit or pornographic manner.

The site is divided into two parts: the webcomic strip and the blog. The webcomic is updated Monday. The blog entries, updated several times a week by semi-fictitious(*) website author Jaycee Knight, feature modern-day situations involving a complete set of real-world characters.

We also have a members-only section (which you can join for $35 a YEAR -- the price of ONE coffee a day for a MONTH). It features previews, exclusive stories and art not published on the main (free) website.

C'mon. Join us. Let's perv it up together!

Jaycee Knight

(*) NOTE TO READERS: semi-fictitious means that while some characters and events are inspired by my real life, most of the stories are just that: stories. Don’t take them too seriously.