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Updated: 2020-11-17

Recently things have gotten strange in a sleepy little village in the middle of nowhere. After several villagers are attacked, Eleanor---a doll created by a strange man named Klaus--is sent on a simple errand to deliver a message to several important people about the troubling matters in town. It's a simple but important task she gladly takes on after being locked away for countless years. However things become complicated when she runs into a living talking pumpkin who calls herself Loraine.

Loraine has no idea what her purpose is, she wasn't exactly paying attention to what the strange man in an owl costume said to her. He seemed to have important plans, but she didn't want to take part. There's a strange glowing string though, and she absolutely needs to find out what it connects too. Perhaps her meeting of Eleanor was fate?

Together they must find their way--especially when Eleanor finds out that her caretaker wasn't exactly truthful about the state of the world, and Loraine discovers the horrible truth about her destiny.

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