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Updated: 2020-02-17

Birgit, nicknamed Biggs, is the front person of metal band Angellic. She's in perpetual conflict with guitar player Luis, who wants a bigger say in things. Biggs lives with her boyfriend Ekrem - a football player - and their small daughter Lorena.
She works part time at a fast food outlet. Together with her work mate, she tries to endure her prejudiced, xenophobic boss.
Biggs lives in the small south Swedish village of Tinyville. In the same village live her parents, younger brother Christian and older sister Annemo. The two sisters hold a genuine dislike of each other.
Other characters you will meet include Ekrem's two friends Mattias and Vincent, members of Ekrem's family, Hermod - the eccentric friend of Biggs' Dad's, and Malin, Biggs' childhood friend. Their relation is somewhat strained by the fact that Ekrem also is the father of Malin's daughter Amanda.

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