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Updated: 2013-04-01

Sixty years ago, the Forest Goddess "disappeared" and since then the Elders of August's village require lineage to define your profession. For August, he is being trained to be a hunter, just like his ancestors. Unfortunately, August sucks at what he does. After being killed trying to save one of his hunting companions, August is revived by the shapeshifting Forest Goddess, Elu. As a result, August has strange powers that allow him to speak magical languages, bend plants to his will, and feel every Hunter-caused death in the forest. He is determined to stop these powers and the only way to do this is to convince the Hunters to stop going into the forest. When tragedy strikes the village on a massive scale, August is cast out into the forest to appease it. Together, Elu and August seek to restore balance to the forest and the village.

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