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Updated: 2018-05-29

Amanda Green, SIA, is a webcomic about the people superheroes protect. Namely, it’s about Amanda Green, who is a Superhuman Insurance Agent. She lives in the fictional city of New Romford, and it is just filled with superpeople. There are superheroes like Adonis and Speedster, supervillains like Lightning Bug and the Dinosaur Queen, and normal citizens with superpowers who don’t want to fight. So things happen. Buildings get destroyed, cars demolished, roads sprayed with bug guts. All regular occurrences in New Romford, and people need to insure their property. At that point, enter Amanda. Being a Superhuman Insurance Agent (SIA), she assesses the damage and processes your claim for when a giant cat monster washes on shore and steps on your lawn. A giant footprint leaving a yard-deep crater on your front lawn. Just imagine how much that would cost to repair. You really can’t live in New Romford without Superhuman Insurance.

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