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Updated: 2020-01-18

(A comic book recreation on my FimFiction's Series First story. A Alien meets MLP crossover.)

Twilight Sparkle, alicorn, who wishes to fix a friendship in any way possible finds herself aboard the largest Space Station floating around Equestria. Trying to keep things friendly with her old friend, trying not to have the past relapse and end up being alone. Twilight does everything she can to mend the fence, however, the station becomes contaminated.

An Organism..Big, relentless, aggressive, and extremely deadly arrives on the once friendly station causing chaos and turning the friendly atmosphere of the station into a war zone. Twilight who has no skill in station mechanics or maintenance has to help fix the station back to operable state.

Follow Twilight as the hunt begins, as ponies turn on one another, as a friendship slowly starts to crumble at its seams. How long would it take you too...sign out?

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Some Adult Material (R)
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