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Updated: 2019-05-19

Akrav is the name of the world that our story takes place in

A place of rocks and sand with an unforgiving sun at day and two mysteriously glowing moons at night. Home to many bizarre creatures and plants this planet is a harsh desert landscape, filled with a thousand ways to die. Only the tough survive and thrive on this world.

Inbetween miles and miles of deadly nothingness there’s villages and cities to explore. People’s professions reach from farmers to waterbarons, from guards to slave traders, from caravanists to raiders. Each of them fighting to earn their place in this harsh world. Some paying more attention to the fates of the people surrounding them than others.

Inbetween all the things happening in the world of Akrav there is a group of misfit vagabonds trying their best to make a change to the better. Josh’s gang adventures through the desert, fighting for freedom and survival in the merciless sandy planes like their people, the lizardfolk, had done for centuries.

But great mysteries lay in wait under the sands, and a chance encounter and a mysterious artifact sends Josh and his men on a journey of a lifetime.