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Updated: 2021-04-28

Everyone has allergies. Some people are allergic to grass or cologne or even household chemicals. Aden Welex has an allergy so strange that it makes no sense. Aden is allergic to technology. Any technology, it doesn't matter what it is, gets destroyed by his touch. Computers explode, phones die if he tries to use them. Strangely enough his allergy appeared the instant he turned fourteen. Suffering with this techno-allergy for almost two years, Aden has no idea what caused it and is too poor to have a doctor examine him. A chance discovery of a dead king with his magic book and sword suddenly explains this allergy. Aden is a wizard. Not just any wizard but the descendant of a number of famous wizards of Xade. As luck would have it he had a terrible experience with magic, resulting in a deep fear of his own magic. The current king needs him and his magic to protect the kingdom against the evil wizard king Thour. Can Aden overcome his reluctance of wizardry in time to save the kingdom of Spectra?

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