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Updated: 2019-06-18

A Stitch in Rhyme is a webcomic set in Talwythen, the land of magical crochet. The story follows Dilys and Aeronwy, two teens who live in the town of Dinod-on-Neidr and study arach manu, the art and science of crafting arach. In Talwythen, a magical force called arach imbues the beasts, the birds, and the plants.

When Dilys and Aeronwy free a bunch of cathnids caged in a local shop, they uncover a conspiracy that threatens not just their lives and families but also the fate of arach itself. They face questions of love versus friendship, science versus religion, ethics versus laws, manufacturing versus craftmanship, and must weave together all of their arach manu ingenuity to unravel the plot.

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