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Updated: 2022-07-18

It’s Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll… Just Not In That Order

“1977″ is the story of Bud, Jeff, Lorraine and Robyn, four friends trying to become rock ‘n’ roll stars in the late 70s, but somehow always missing their target. Together they find the road to fame and fortune littered with it’s fair share of obstacles for their band called “Plan 9″. From sexist bar owners, to dealing with their own families, the 1977 gang faces every day challenges in their never-ending quest for a Gold record!

Depending on part-time day jobs to help pay the bills, our quartet strides calmly day-to-day hoping that this weekend’s gig will finally bring them the big break they’ve been hoping for. If not, there’s always something good on TV. Join in on the foursome’s comic exploits as it takes them on a grand tour of Chicagoland’s greasy bars, noisy high school gyms and occasional wedding. They’ll become the next greatest thing if they can only stop watching TV…

Content rating:
Some Adult Material (R)
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