Comic Rocket's Android Application Goes Live


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Comic Rocket Publishes its Android Version of its Comic Reader to Google Play

Portland, OR (May 10th, 2013) -- Comic Rocket, the web's best place to find, follow, and read webcomics, is making the Android version of their popular site available to the public today. Following a successful crowd funding campaign this winter on IndieGoGo the company is delivering the first of its promised mobile versions. The application has been published to Google Play and is available for download here.

"Webcomics are increasingly read on mobile devices. Creating an Android app is Comic Rocket's first step in helping mobile users discover and read the comics we love." said CEO Tim Shields.

All of the familiar features of Comic Rocket will be available to users of the Android app including managing their reading list, automatic bookmarking of comics, and recommendation of new comics. However the interface graphics are simplified to make it easier to use on smaller screens. Additionally, the app includes mobile standard features such as swipe to navigate that will be familiar to tablet and phone users.

"Our beta testers gave us lots of good feedback helping us make the best application possible," said Jamey Sharp, Comic Rocket's CTO. "And now I look forward to sharing the app with everyone who loves webcomics."


Comic Rocket is a free webcomic reader that helps people find, follow, read, and bookmark their favorite online comics as well as access their complete archives and connect with friends while doing it. Started in 2011 as a member of the Portland Seed Fund's first class, the company is focused on making access to the web's best comics priority number one. Use the site at Follow Comic Rocket on twitter @mycomicrocket or on Facebook at

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