Community Projects

We love to see people build creative and awesome stuff based on Comic Rocket!

Let us know  if you've built something you want to share with other Comic Rocket users. We'll list it here, crediting you for your work! We do have some legal details  you need to be aware of.

If you need access to our data to make your idea happen, just ask. We'll figure something out! (Within the limits of our privacy policy , of course!)

Current Projects

Chrome Extension by Markus (@Aedilum )

The Comic Rocket Reader extension for Chrome will present all unread pages of your favorite serials in a nice and ordered list from a button in your Chrome toolbar. Not only that, but it will even sort out those comics you've been meaning to start reading separately from the ones you read every day.

Install Comic Rocket Reader  from the Chrome Web Store.

For support, please contact Markus .