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Updated: 2020-11-08

Akalis is an earthling colony that has lost contact with the Earth Alliance. On Akalis, a few years after the loss of contact with Earth, a revolt of the six colonized indigenous peoples surged. The settlers, although technologically superior, were defeated and massacred. The same fate happened to the Zumi people, a people who lived in peace alongside the Earthling colonists until they mixed with them and formed a new original nation that was about to disappear.
Zabeth, is one of the few Zumi who escaped massacre and servitude, for her and the last survivors of her people salvation lie in the Earth Alliance, a rumor said that somewhere on Kobold was a colonist relic, a communication station that belonged to the first settlers, some of the Zumi hoped to discover it and enter into communication with the Earth... For Zabeth and her people, the struggle for survival was beginning...

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