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Updated: 2017-01-05

Pencil View is a comedy web-comic following the antics of Percy and Bill, 2 giant living pencils, in a world of giant writing implements.

If you've never seen someone sleep in a toaster, dress themselves as a candle (by setting their head on fire), or get bitten by a crayon, then you haven't met Percy. And if you like calling people short and are still breathing, you haven't met Bill.

Pencil View is one of those comics that grows from a small idea and then continues to evolve as the characters develop.

It started in a 'gag-a-day' format but then progressed to themed series with a comedic interpretation of tips for dealing with stress and sleep. It then began Chapter 1, followed by a fairly lengthy interlude with the 30 page 'Survival Guide to Horror', before returning to Chapter 2.