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Updated: 2018-03-06

The yakuza were once noble outcasts. A necessary evil, working alongside the police and government in the fight to keep the peace in war shattered Japan.

They were accepted by society, even partly admired, for obeying the unspoken rules and following their own strict code of ethics. This allowed them to essentially exist, without conflict, amongst the ordinary citizens.

In recent decades, however, the tides began to turn against them. As their power rapidly increased, their reach stretched beyond the traditional roguery. The authorities cracked down and introduced several laws in an attempt to push them back underground.

While facing the new legislations, the fight for power goes on, and the competition within their own world grows.

How far will they step over their deep rooted honour, which always separated them from being simply shunned thugs?

How much are they willing to give up, in their continuous struggle for supremacy?

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Adults Only (NC-17)
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