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Updated: 2017-09-30

Antannae is a lonely boy who thinks his life is hard. He's awkward and gets bullied at school. However, nothing prepares him for how his life changes when a mysterious boy named Zink comes into his life. Antannae and Zink become best friends and Zink stands up for his newly found friend and teaches Antannae to have more confidence.

That's only the beginning of the adventure and hardships that they will face together when Antannae and Zink discover portals on their world. They get spirited away to a world of arsonists, bear gods, dragons, and pirates where they realize they need this strange world just as much as it needs them. A world of floating cities in the sky, talking animals, and flying serpents! Can they save a world in peril? It's Always Fun Times With Antannae and Zink!

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