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Updated: 2021-05-17

Kimiko “Kim” Ross - Autodidactic Robot-Girl.
Yvonne “Vonnie” Awning - Analytical clerk for the Department of Taste, Vonnie knows every facet of Nephilopolis’s bureaucracy.
Kaito Kusanagi -
Kimiko’s estranged father and legendary architect of Nephilopolis.
“D.H.” Ron Awning -
Vonnie’s more poetical brother.
Tiny Carl Jung - One of the founders of Tiny Psychology.
Dmitri Tokamak - Comic book-inspired lifestyle comes into frequent conflict with friend Kim’s machinations.
Alina Tokamak - Sister of Dmitri and also probably Nuclear-Powered maybe. Also friends with Kimiko for reasons (possibly video games).
Rupert & Hubert -
Victorian intellectuals who live on the Moon, Rupert and Hubert entertain the most profound questions of the times, as well as defend their magic castle from varying sorts of Moon-Monsters.
Age: 128 Combined

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