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Updated: 2020-10-12

Thousands of years ago, Crystal and her people were enslaved by the humans using machines they had at the time, and she even lost her magic to those people. The humans started to see her use becoming thin, so they threw her and her people in the plane of eternal suffering. Nowadays, humans don’t see unicorns, pegasi, or alicorns as real creatures anymore. She contemplated how the humans became such despicable motherfuckers, and she wanted revenge on humanity for all the torture she and her people went through. It was then that she felt something eating at her heart, something that was always there, but needed the right moment to come out, something that was eating away at everything she was, and transforming this sad, tortured pony into something otherworldly, something that wanted to tear apart the human race from head to toe, to rip its flesh out from under their skin. Whether she knew it or not, this was something budding deep inside her, something that was there for all her life, something...maniacal and insane. It was an internal change, but regardless, she's escaped, and she's back for revenge!

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Some Adult Material (R)
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