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Stumptown Comics Fest 2012

April 28, 2012 - April 29, 2012

The Stumptown Comics Fest was started almost on a whim in 2004 by a small group of Portland-area cartoonists lamenting the lack of local convention-style outlets. While there were certainly other comic book shows in town, there weren't any that gave much attention to the artists themselves. The dream was to design a festival with the creators as its focus, rather than dealers and work-for-hire publishers.

The Adventures of Mrs. JellybottomAddam PoolTable B-13
Alien CircusL Frank WeberTable C-22
AnattaAnise Shaw, Wei LiTable E-3
Ask Dr. Eldritch!Evan NicholsTable D-23
Between GearsNatalie NourigatTable B-5
Blasphemous Saga FantasyZack CorcoranTable E-4
Bobby Mono's Crappy ComicsBobby MonoTable A-13
Bonnie N. CollideMonica GallagherTable D-18
Bop ComicsRandall KirbyTable B-24
Boxer HockeyTyson HesseTable E-14
Brew for BreakfastNomi KaneTable C-17
Briar HollowKimball Davis, Terry BlasTable C-1
BuckoErika Moen, Jeff ParkerTable B-8
ButtersafeAlex Culang, Raynato CastroTable 100
The Chairs' HiatusMatthew BogartTable E-24
The Chronicles of William BazillionAndrew FaragoTable 303
City of RosesKip ManleyTable B-14
Crawdads WelcomeEzra ButtTable 307
Creation ScienceAdam Rosenlund, Ethan EdeTable E-17
DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic DiaryErika MoenTable B-8
Days of LeviathanWei LiTable E-3
Definitely Far From Korea...J. Eric LeeTable A-15
DerelictBen FleuterTable E-13
DiceboxJenn Manley LeeTable B-14
Dream HallowLilly MooreTable 307
DUBBLEBABYSam Alden, Toby AldenTable 307
Dubious CompanyBen Hsu, Elaine TippingTable C-13
Easel Ain't EasyBreena WiederhoeftTable A-23
EmiTownEmi LenoxTable C-4
Even in ArcadiaAnise ShawTable E-3
EverywhereChris MiskiewiczTable A-24
Family ManDylan MeconisTable B-15
Fat BabyTable E-17
FormingJesse MoynihanTable A-9
Garage RajaAustin Price, Matthew J. RainwaterTable E-16
Gingham GhostAaron Whitaker, Melinda BoyceTable E-23
The Girl with Golden HairElena Diaz, Pancha DiazTable 303
Gods & UndergradsMonica GallagherTable D-18
GrigsgagglebyMathew GrigsbyTable C-6
Gulls ComicJack KentTable E-10
HamstaPowahSamuel BoydTable 312
HerevilleBarry DeutschTable B-13
HingesMeredith McClarenTable B-25
I Cut My HairLisa Rosalie EisenbergTable D-6
In ContemptKevin MooreTable C-12
Insane UndertakingsMax YoungTable D-19
The Intrepid GirlbotDiana NockTable E-9
The Introvert ManifestoNeal SkorpenTable C-15
Island of the MothsNeal Skorpen, Peter GelmanTable C-15
Jaephisch and the Dark RainbowJason FischerTable 204
Jamie the TricksterChloe DalquistTable B-21
King of RPGsJason ThompsonTable 303
The Lay of the LacrymerMolly HaydenTable B-19
Li'l Depressed BoyS. Steven StrubleTable D-16
Li'l MellShaenon K. GarrityTable 303
Lightyears AwayAdam Rosenlund, Ethan EdeTable E-17
Lotus Root ChildrenWei LiTable E-3
A Mad Tea-PartyJonathon DaltonTable C-25
Marlowe the MonsterShing Yin KhorTable E-21
A Matter of Life and DeathTom Van DeusenTable D-3
Modest MedusaJake RichmondTable C-13
Much the Miller’s SonSteve LeCouilliardTable A-8
MudtownBrenden Clawson, Greg BigoniTable D-13
Narbonic: Director's CutShaenon K. GarrityTable 303
Now Open the BoxDavid ChelseaTable C-14
O Human StarBlue DelliquantiTable E-8
OrificeJennifer TongTable B-18
Out Of PlaceNatalie NourigatTable B-5
Over the SurfaceNatalie NourigatTable B-5
PainkillersJohn WorsleyTable D-17
Perchance to DreamElena Diaz, Pancha DiazTable 303
Plus OneDustin ReeseTable E-9
PolyGoneBrian LindTable B-13
Portland UndergroundChris Kohler, Daniel VanderMolenTable C-20
A Room of One's OwnNatalie NourigatTable B-5
Roy's BoysRon Chan, Sean KelleyTable C-2
Single VampireElena Diaz, Pancha DiazTable 303
Skin DeepKory BingTable E-7
Skin HorseJeffrey Channing Wells, Shaenon K. GarrityTable 303
Sorcery 101Kel McDonaldTable B-25
SpacetrawlerChris BaldwinTable C-12
Squid RowBridgett SpicerTable E-10
StrangewaysMatt MaxwellTable A-21
Supernatural LawBatton LashTable E-15
TitanzerKevin WilsonTable E-3
TJ and AmalE.K. WeaverTable E-20
Tomato ChickenAnise ShawTable E-3
Tragic ReliefColleen FrakesTable C-17
Trixie ComicsTerri NelsonTable C-9
WanderlostKevin MooreTable C-12
Wayfarer's MoonJason Janicki, Leigh KelloggTable C-24
Weird PetsKory Bing, Sfé MonsterTable E-7