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Small Press Expo (SPX)

Sept. 15, 2012 - Sept. 16, 2012

The Small Press Expo (SPX) was started in 1994 to promote artists and publishers who produce independent comics. SPX hosts an annual festival that provides a forum for artists, writers and publishers of comic art in its various forms to present to the public comic art not normally accessible through normal commercial channels.

The Adventures of Dr. McNinjaAnthony Clark, Christopher HastingsW13-W20
AspectCrystal Rollins, Emily R. GillisC10, C11B
Between GearsNatalie NourigatW24A, Natalie will be bringing a limited amount of a new print: http://on.fb.me/QmtXns
ButtersafeAlex Culang, Raynato CastroB13
Capes -N- BabesChris FlickB3
Christopher - The True Story of a New FatherChris WilliamsW66B, Chris will have copies of his first collection for sale.
CurlsCarolyn BelefskiW6A, Curls Studio will have copies of "District Comics: An Unconventional History of Washington, DC" available for purchase
Dead WinterAllison ShabetF8-F9
Dresden CodakAaron DiazW13-W20
Eat The Babies!Brady DaleH4
Finn and Charlie are HitchedTony BreedI5
FishbonesJisuk Cho , Yuki S. I1-I4
French Toast ComixBecky HawkinsA12A
Garage RajaAustin Price, Matthew J. RainwaterD7
GastroPhobiaDavid McGuireW11A
Ghost BucketJoe HunterWandering around, drawings and hugs on request.
Girls with SlingshotsDanielle CorsettoW12
Gunshowkc greenTable W-13 thru W-20 (Topatoco)
Hello With CheeseDarren J. Gendron, Obsidian, PrindivilleG5
Herman the ManateeJason ViolaW27-W28A
Hey PaisD1-D2
JikoshiaCrystal M. Rollins, Emily R. Gillis
Johnny WanderAnanth Panagariya, Yuko OtaF14
The K ChroniclesKeith KnightW45A,Friday night Cartoonist Death Match at George Washington University. Details here: http://on.fb.me/QJJNuB
Kaputnik & CarlmorebanterW10
Little GuardiansEd Cho, Lee CherolisW66, Lee Cherolis will have "Little Guardians" Book 1 for sale.
Monster PulseMagnolia PorterF8-F9
Nathan SorryRich BarrettW64
NedroidAnthony ClarkW13-W20
NoncanonTom McHenryD1-D2
O Human StarBlue DelliquantiW31B
octopus pieMeredith GranW21A
PanelburgViga Victoria GadsonW34B
The Paul ReveresTina PrattW6B
The PC WeeniesKrishna M. SadasivamB3
Questionable ContentJeph JacquesW13-W20
Rice BoyEvan DahmF11
Run Lil JaredJennifer Weber I7
Scenes From A MultiverseJonathan RosenbergW13-W20
Skin DeepKory BingF8-F9
A Softer WorldEmily Horne, Joey ComeauW13-W20
Sorcery 101Kel McDonaldF8-F9
Space Case SallyAshley QuiggI1-I4
The Tale of TamarindPerry A.W66B, Will be selling buttons.
Templar, ArizonaC. Spike TrotmanW22
Tiny Kitten TeethBecky Dreistadt, Frank GibsonW13-W20
TJ and AmalE.K. WeaverH3
Tragic ReliefColleen FrakesJ3
Winters in LavelleKasey Van HiseI1-I4, Vol 2 of "Lavelle" will premiere this weekend.
Witch KnotsIra MarcksC6A
WizzywigEd PiskorB14
WondermarkDavid Malki !W13-W20