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San Diego Comic-Con 2013

July 18, 2013 - July 21, 2013

The Adventures of Dr. McNinjaAnthony Clark, Christopher Hastings1229
The Adventures of the 19XX - Book 1Paul Roman Martinez2304
Alaska RoboticsPatrick Race1320
Axe CopEthan Nicolle, Malachai Nicolle1603
The BeanTravis HansonE-11
Bob The Angry FlowerStephen NotleyK-16
Boo Bear & Flo: The Dust-Shaped WorldAgnes Garbowska, Jack BriglioHH-18
Boxer HockeyTyson Hesse1229
Bring Back It's WalkyDavid Willis1330
BroodhollowKris StraubBooth 1235
chainsawsuitKris Straub1235 & 1237
COMMISSIONEDObsidian1332, Ltd. Ed. Art print "Ninjas v Everybody" will be available: http://bit.ly/127A4Ej
Cool JerkPaul HornK-10
CopperKazu Kibuishi2235
Cyanide & HappinessDave McElfatrick, Kris Wilson, Matt Melvin, Rob DenBleyker1234
Devil's PantiesJennie BreedenQ-04
Diesel Sweeties ArchivesRichard Stevens1335 (w/Dumbrella)
DiggerUrsula Vernon1236
Dinosaur ComicsRyan North1229
Dresden CodakAaron Diaz1229
Dumbing of AgeDavid WillisBooth 1330
Elfquest: Twilight in The HoltRichard Pini, Wendy PiniAA-01 & AA-02
Falling Rock National ParkJosh ShalekO-06
The GarlicksLea HernandezBooth 2202 (w/Action Lab) Exclusive book signing Thu 2pm-3pm, Fri-Sat 11am-12pm. Tr!ckster symposium Thu 10am-12pm
Gene's JournalDavid Reddick, Trevor Roth2543
Girl GeniusBlack-Hat Exploit, Cheyenne Wright, Kaja Foglio, Phil Foglio1331
GronkKatie CookHH-17
Hello With CheeseDarren J. Gendron, Obsidian, Prindiville 1332
Hijinks Ensue ClassicJoel WatsonBooth 1231 (w/Blind Ferret)
Imagination StationAgnes GarbowskaHH-18
JefbotJeff SchuetzeO-05
The K ChroniclesKeith KnightK-15
Kevin and KellBill HolbrookN-12
L.A.W.L.SDenis Caron1133
Last KissJohn Lustig2302
Least I Could DoLar DeSouza, Ryan SohmerBooth 1231
Little VampiresRebecca HicksBooth 1831 Premiering several handmade D20 hairbows and general geek boutique
Mahou Shounen FightDustyJack, JadePrinceBooth 2144 (w/Prism) Bring proof of Kickstarter pledge & get a free SDCC exclusive print!
Marie and JeanneJames Neish, Shing Yin Khorp-06
Marlowe the MonsterShing Yin Khorp-06
My Blacks Don't Match -A Sullengrey storyDrew Rausch, Jocelyn GajewayBooth 1815 (w/ SLG) will have promo stuffs and copies of my other comic, ELDRITCH!
Mystic RevolutionJennifer Brazas1635
NnewtsDoug TenNapel, Katherine Garner1601
Not Invented HereBill Barnes2300
On the FastrackBill HolbrookN-12
Penny ArcadeJerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik1334 & 1336
PvPScott Kurtz1235 & 1237
Red's PlanetEddie PittmanBooth #1307/1309 Sat 10am-12pm
Return to Green HollowDiana SprinkleN-05
Rod & BarryDavid Reddick, Trevor Roth2543
Safe HavensBill HolbrookN-12
Saiko and LavenderDiana Sprinkle, Michael VegaN-05
Sam and FuzzySam LoganBooth 1229
Scenes From A MultiverseJonathan RosenbergBooth 1337 (w/Dumbrella)
Serenity RoseAaron AlexovichBooth 1815
SheldonDave KellettBooth 1228, Sat 7pm, Rm28DE panel for webcomic documentary "Stripped".
Shi Long PangBen CostaO-07
Shortpacked!David Willis1330
Something PositiveRandy Milholland1231
Sorcery 101Kel McDonaldM-13
Super SiblingsPatrick ScullinP-05 (Small Press)
The Thirty SixBernie Lee, George Zapata, Kristopher White, Micki Zurcher L-06
Tiny Kitten TeethBecky Dreistadt, Frank Gibson2235
Two Lumps1230
UnshelvedBill Barnes, Gene Ambaum2300
Waking Up AbbeyAgnes GarbowskaHH-18
WeregeekAlina Pete, Layne Myhre, Todd Myhre1831
WondermarkDavid Malki !1229
You, Me, and ZombieAgnes GarbowskaHH-18