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Comic Con International 2012

July 11, 2012 - July 15, 2012

This is the granddaddy of them all! The most important show of the year for the comics industry and genre culture fans worldwide. Over a hundred thousand attendees will run a gauntlet of comics, games, TV shows, movies and all other forms entertainment in Science Fiction, Fantsy, Horror and more. The entire Gaslamp District in downtown San Diego will be transformed into a veritable carnival of zombies, superheroes, spacemen and everything under the sun!

The Abominable Charles ChristopherKarl KerschlTable II-09
Accidental CentaursJohn LotshawTable L-02
Adventure Team AlphaKyle Price-LivingstonTable L-12
The Adventures of Dorse and DooseAJ Moore, Antonio MooreTable Q-08
The Adventures of Dr. McNinjaAnthony Clark, Christopher HastingsTable 1229
The Adventures of the 19XX - Book 1Paul Roman MartinezTable Q-04
Alaska RoboticsPatrick RaceTable 1033
Astronaut ElementaryTable 1323
AtroxTable N-09
Axe CopEthan Nicolle, Malachai NicolleTable 2306
Bad MachineryJohn AllisonTable 1335
The BeanTravis HansonTable E-11
BearmageddonEthan Nicolle, Noah MaasTable 2306
BobwhiteMagnolia PorterTable M-05
Boy on a Stick and SlitherTable 1335
BuzzBoyTable 1231
chainsawsuitKris StraubTable 1237
Cool JerkPaul HornTable K-10
CopperKazu KibuishiTable 2235
Crying Macho ManTable K-11
Cyanide & HappinessDave McElfatrick, Kris Wilson, Matt Melvin, Rob DenBleykerTable 1234
Deep Dive DaredevilsDan Fifield, Danilo Guida, Evin Dempsey, Fonografiks, Matt Heistandwandering
Delilah Dirk and the Turkish LieutenantTony CliffTable 2235
Diesel Sweeties ArchivesRichard StevensTable 1335
DobermanIan Ally-Seals, Jeff Tingley, Jocelyn Chagnon, Pito ArroyoTable L-12
DreamlessBobby Crosby, Sarah EllertonTable 1717
DriveDave KellettTable 1228
Dumbing of AgeDavid WillisTable 1330
EmogicianTable M-03
Evil Inc.Brad GuigarTable 1228
ExposureAl Rio, David Campiti, Jinky Coronado, Zach MathenyTable 1231
Falling Rock National ParkJosh ShalekTable O-05
FlipsideBrion FoulkeTable 1231
GastroPhobiaDavid McGuireTable K-03
Gene's JournalDavid Reddick, Trevor RothTable 2543
Girl GeniusBlack-Hat Exploit, Cheyenne Wright, Kaja Foglio, Phil FoglioTable 1331
The Good CrookMagnolia PorterTable M-05
Gran GrimoireChristina McKenzie, Taneka Stottswandering
GronkKatie CookTable GG-01
GuttersEd Ryzowski, Lar DeSouza, Ryan SohmerTable 1332
Handle With CareDiana SprinkleTable N-05
Hark! A VagrantKate BeatonTable 1629
Hijinks Ensue ClassicJoel WatsonTable 1332
I think you're sauceomeTable M-04
Imagination StationAgnes GarbowskaTable HH-18
JefbotJeff SchuetzeTable O-04
Joe Loves Crappy MoviesJoe DunnTable L-05
Joy RidersCarl MefferdTable L-12
The K ChroniclesKeith KnightTable K-15
Kevin and KellBill HolbrookTable L-02
Kiwi BlitzMary Cagle, the darkone Table M-05
Last KissJohn LustigTable 2302
Least I Could DoLar DeSouza, Ryan SohmerTable 1332
Little VampiresRebecca HicksTable 1831
Looking For GroupEd Ryzowski, Lar DeSouza, Ryan SohmerTable 1332
Marlowe the MonsterShing Yin KhorTable P-06
Marry MeBobby Crosby, Remy "Eisu" MokhtarTable 1717
MatriculatedJoe DunnTable L-05
Monster PulseMagnolia PorterTable M-05
Mr. ObliviousMark GonyeaTable K-09
My MuseDiana SprinkleTable N-05
Mystic RevolutionJennifer BrazasTable 1231
nemu*nemuAudra Ann Furuichi (aka kyubikitsy), Scott Yoshinaga (aka kimonostereo)Table O-14
NnewtsDoug TenNapel, Katherine GarnerTable 1601
octopus pieMeredith GranTable 1335
Out ThereTable 1231
OvercompensatingJeffrey J. RowlandTable 1229
Penny ArcadeJerry Holkins, Mike KrahulikTable 1334
Piled Higher and Deeper (PhD)Jorge ChamTable 2235
Pirate CoveJoe D'AngeloTable L-09
Pirate Penguin Vs Ninja ChickenRay FriesenTable 2003
Prose & ConsEB Savage, Jeff TingleyTable L-12
Punch an' PieAeire, Chris DailyTable 1231
PvPScott KurtzTable 1237
Questionable ContentJeph JacquesTable 1229
RatfistDoug TenNapelTable 1601
reMINDJason BrubakerTable 1133
ReprographicsChris YatesTable 1335
Return to Green HollowDiana SprinkleTable N-05
REVVVelationsJolyon Yates, Stan YanTable K-14
Saiko and LavenderDiana Sprinkle, Michael VegaTable N-05
Sam and FuzzySam LoganTable 1229
Saturday Morning Breakfast CerealZach WeinerTable 2300
Scenes From A MultiverseJonathan RosenbergTable 1335
ShamanIan Ally-Seals, Spencer PittTable L-12
SheldonDave KellettTable 1228
Shi Long PangBen CostaTable O-06
Shortpacked!David WillisTable 1330
SkullkickersEdwin Huang, Jim Zub, Misty CoatsTable 5037
Sorcery 101Kel McDonaldTable L-03
StarslipKris StraubTable 1237
StripteaseChris DailyTable 1231
SubCultureKevin Freeman, Stan YanTable K-14
SuperFogeysBrock Heasley, Marc LapierreTable M-13
Templar, ArizonaC. Spike TrotmanTable 1330
Tiny Kitten TeethBecky Dreistadt, Frank GibsonTable 1232
Two LumpsTable 1230
TwoKindsTom FischbachTable 1231
UnshelvedBill Barnes, Gene AmbaumTable 2300
Waking Up AbbeyAgnes GarbowskaTable HH-18
Wayfarer's MoonJason Janicki, Leigh KelloggTable K-08
Wayward Sons: LegendsBenny R. Powell, Weilin YangTable 1231
WeregeekAlina Pete, Layne Myhre, Todd MyhreTable 1831
Wigu AdventuresJeffrey J. RowlandTable 1229
WireheadsTable K-04
WondermarkDavid Malki !Table 1229
You, Me, and ZombieAgnes GarbowskaTable HH-18